Mat is a transformational talent.  He possesses a powerful combination of exceptional journalistic skills, cerebral leadership traits and unparalleled integrity.   I have never worked with anyone who had a greater impact on my business than Mat Gallagher – he’s that good.   Mat is a gifted writer who is uncompromising when it comes to editorial excellence.  He recognizes (and, embraces) the marriage of time-honored journalistic practices with tomorrow’s technology.  My hunch is that Mat’s secret weapon is his ability to camouflage his ego, allow others to pontificate and (instead) spends his time focusing exclusively on solutions.  Without hesitation, I recommend that Mat should sit at the table whenever strategic, long term objectives are being contemplated. My company dramatically transformed during his tenure at PowerPublish and his fingerprints will forever remain as proof.   I can only imagine what impact Mat will make for others.

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