Mat’s time at Nexus saw him oversee the launch of in Hong Kong and other Asia markets. He was also a key member of the team that made the decision to invest in He went on to lead the team in the redesign and expansion of that business. Additionally, Mat played a fundamental role in leading the editorial team at Nexus. He demonstrated a real eye for spotting talent and was able to identify and recruit good people and endowed the business he left behind with a strong team of capable editors.
Specifically, his editorial and digital and social media experience and expertise proved invaluable in the growth of the Angloinfo Hong Kong website, social media and its regional pages.
His knowledge, creativity and management ensured the success of the Localiiz brand redesign, its reorganisation and continued expansion online and in print. Mat is a true professional and has been a huge asset to the company. He will be sorely missed and I would recommend him highly to any future employee.

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